Friday, February 1, 2013

And There You Have It

Apparently, I am going to only blog once a month now.  Seriously, where did January go?  I spent the first half of the month fighting a VERY STUBBORN and VERY PAINFUL ear infection, while simultaneously learning a new job as my church office secretary.  The E.I. stunk, but I love my new job.  While I'm there.  And then I get home at 2 in the afternoon and think, "Oh, crud.  Now, instead of napping like I'd prefer, I need to start laundry, tidy up dishes that I was too lazy to wash last night and start thinking about dinner."  

In other news, I've developed a slight addiction to Pinterest.  I KNEW that would happen, if I signed up, but I finally caved.  (I'm still holding out on Facebook though, so don't ask)  Have to admit, I am digging the fact that I am creating my own online cookbook.  SO MANY good recipes.  If only someone else would come and cook them all for me and then clean up afterward.

In even more news, it is snowing and cold outside and I don't want to go out and do errands.  At all.  And my dog is cute.  That's all I got, peeps.  I barely even took any pictures this month.  Is there a people-shaming site?  I could be a star, folks.  A STAR.

See you in March?


Ms. G said...

darn. I was going to ask you to come cook them all and then clean up afterward for me.

Your dog is adorable!

and now I have to go run errands. because it actually is cold but not snowing, *sigh* : )

Jen said...

Glad you like the new job! I like Pinterest, but let's face it. It should be called " Things I Will Never Do".

Unknown said...

miss you so!